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The final step of basic branding is the tagline, also known as a key phrase or slogan. It is, in essence, the first advertisement for your brand a consumer will see. It should sell your brand while giving consumers a reason to give you their business.

If, from your logo and company name, your audience can’t tell what industry or sector your business is in, then it is imperative that your tagline does. It is a single phrase that tells your company’s why, what, or how.

When it comes to your tagline, keep it simple, keep it focused, and keep it about the consumer.
• Why should your audience care?
• What does your company provide that if it shut down tomorrow, it would be missed?
• What is the benefit to your consumer?

Secondary questions to think about while brainstorming:
• Does it relate to my industry?
• Is it overly long? Can I comfortably say my company name and tagline in a single breath?
• Is it easy to understand?
• Does it answer why my company exists, what it does, or how it does it?

The most memorable taglines tell a story about your company or its beliefs while providing value to the consumer. Make it functional, but not overly obvious or vague. If it rhymes, it should be with good reason. 

Once you have a name, logo, color scheme, and tagline, it’s time to review everything and make sure that it all ties together, looks cohesive, and relates your what, how, and why to your audience.

The branding process can be time-consuming and it’s easy to get bogged down with the details. If you think you need some help, please contact The Belford Group. We’re a digital marketing firm with experience in every industry. Our professional and vibrant staff can help you bring your ideas to life!