With statistics showing that 90% of companies maintain social media profiles, failing to have a social media presence for your organization can put you at a significant disadvantage. However, there is a difference between participation and actually achieving social media success. The following are best practices that can help any organization get better results from their social media engagement.

  1.  Get Outside Help – Companies with successful social initiatives use a combination of in-house talent and outside agencies.
  2. Be Active on Multiple Networks – Companies that report excellent results from their social initiatives are active on an average of five social networks. Just be sure the social networks you choose target your audience.
  3. Understand Social Media Tools – Ensure that you know all the tools available to you and how to use them to your advantage. A few social media tools to keep in mind include mention, SocialOomph, Sprout Social, and quintly.
  4. Optimize Your Company’s Social Network Profiles – Make sure your pages are engaging by including images, photos, logos and other appropriate graphics. Also make sure that you include descriptions with keywords that will help your profile be informative while keeping SEO in mind.
  5. Create Good Content – Yes social media is about sharing, but it is also about providing value. You need to create your own content, as well as share other people’s content.
  6. Don’t Over Share – While it is crucial to keep your profile current, there is nothing more irritating than businesses posting too much information – often on topics that are of no interest to their audiences. Remember, make sure all posts are: relevant, timely, and brief.
  7. Link, Link and Link Again – If you do have a profile on other social networking sites – or a blog, then make sure you include links to each of them so that they’re all connected. If someone is reading one of your blog posts, they should easily be able to find links to all of your social media accounts.

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