Fayetteville, October 10 – The Belford Group, a marketing agency serving Northwest Arkansas for over 20 years, is proud to reveal a new professional development division, Elevate, that reflects a continued commitment to improving communication for businesses in the area. Professional development communication training.

The New Division

The new division, Elevate, will provide custom workshops for businesses to improve their communication skills, focusing this fall on public speaking in the workplace. Organizations looking to develop individuals can engage in one-on-one coaching.

Angela Belford, Marketing Maven and Certified Coach, will continue leading The Belford Group while also offering coaching services. Belford has been a part of the Northwest Arkansas business community for over 25 years, using her talents and skills to develop people, businesses, and nonprofits. With bachelor’s and master’s degrees already under her belt, Belford recently became a Certified Life Coach.

Sami Kinnison, Communication Aficionado, will be leading the new team. Fayetteville-native, Kinnison has 10 years of experience in communication training and has presented at more than 20 workshops and professional development events. She graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Advertising/Public Relations.

The Need For Better Communication 

After the pandemic, the need for better communication skills has never been more apparent. Communication in the workplace includes everything from effective meetings to successful sales pitches. And even keeping clients and stakeholders engaged and informed. Elevate will specifically address the need for improved communication with an initial workshop offering, Public Speaking in the Workplace, a digital course, and one-on-one coaching.

Workshops and Coaching

Workshops and coaching are now available. A digital course will be available soon. To find more information about Elevate, visit dev.thebelfordgroup.com/elevate. To get started, fill out an inquiry request on the website. Stay up to date with new developments and offerings by signing up for our email newsletter at dev.thebelfordgroup.com/newsletter-signup.

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Sami Kinnison
Communication Aficionado
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