Simplify How You Collect Payments

Do you find yourself wishing you had more hours in a day to complete everything you have to get done? The convenience that offers through its user-friendly payment & payment-processing solutions helps you make better use of the time you do have. It’s a win-win for both you and your customers when they have the ability to pay their bills online, on-time, anytime! Contact us today to learn more about how myCityPayments can simplify your world!

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Benefits For You

Time is Money

When your customers pay their bills online, you benefit in multiple ways. The time, energy and staff resources you’ll save, not to mention the financial benefit to your day-to-day operations, will improve how you do business. You are not required to have a merchant account and there are no credit-card fees or transaction costs for you.* Your staff will love having less busy-work opening piles of envelopes and processing check payments. Getting started with is a simple process for you and your customers.

*If you have an existing merchant account, integration options are available.

Time for Life

Your customers will thank you when they discover that they have more time and energy when the weekend rolls around. They’ll enjoy paying their bills online with our user-friendly payment processing site with 24/7 accessibility, offering freedom to pay bills on their schedule!

Benefits For Your Customers

myCityPayments is your solution for collecting payments of all kinds.

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3

Import Monthly Account Data

Import your customer’s monthly billing information into our system via spreadsheet. will automatically sort each customer’s bill into his/her personal account for easy access and payment.

Customers Pay Online

No more late fees and shut-off notices! With, your customers will receive payment confirmation when they pay their bills online and you’ll receive a daily report of payment activity via email at close of business.

Export Payment Transactions allows you to export all of your customers’ payment transactions into your existing management software. We doubt you’ll miss spending hours filling out spreadsheets!

Manage Bill Payments with Ease