Facebook has done it again. New changes to the usability of business pages were unveiled this week and the improvements are causing some buzz around the office. The new features now have page owners questioning the need to use third party sites for updates and giving them a sense of relief when adding administrators.

The ‘Super Admin’ is a new feature that allows for page owners to delegate responsibilities and set restrictions for certain administrators of the page. There are now five different levels of administrators.
  • Manager– this admin has full access to all of the page functions. Ideally this would be the page or business owner.
  • Content Creator– this admin has access to all of the page functions, except for managing other admins.  This role would be a good fit for the business’ Social Media Manager.
  • Moderator– this role is mainly used for social media engagement such as replying to posts, comments and messages. They also have access to the analytics, but they are restricted from creating content.
  • Advertiser– this position is limited to managing the page’s advertisements and viewing the analytics feature.
  • Insights Analyst-this admin is restricted to only viewing the analytics of the business page.
This feature provides business owners security by limiting what certain employees can access and manipulate.
Promoted Posts have become a new form of advertising. We are all familiar with the ads that appear on the right side of the page, but now the ads can show up on the newsfeed of followers.  There is also an extra add-on to this feature allowing the Manager or Content Creator to pay a few extra dollars and spread the posts to more users.
Scheduled Posts used to be submitted through a third party site such as HootSuite or SocialOomph. Now they can be done right from the business page. This new feature allows administrators to schedule posts even when they are out of the office. The posts can be scheduled for up to six months in advance.

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