Voice Search: What it Means for SEO

Voice Search: What it Means for SEO

What is Voice Search? "Hey Google, where is the closest Walmart"? This is voice search. It allows users to speak into a device as opposed to typing keywords into a search box to generate results. We use this type of search when asking questions of Google, Cortana,...

Why You Should Care about Gmail’s New Tabs

Google has introduced a new feature to their email service which will affect almost everyone, whether they have a Gmail account or not. Internet marketers, bloggers, freelance writers, as well as people who simply want to get their email will notice the effect of the...

WordCamp is coming – you need to be there

When many people look back at their childhoods, they have fond memories of summer camp where they learned, played and made great new friendships.   A different kind of camp is coming up at the end of July that we at The Belford Group strongly endorse and hope our...

Google + Local gives businesses great social opportunities

Google Places has undergone a few changes in hopes of becoming more social. Google + Local pages officially replace Google Places this month. While the new format may seem disorienting at first, many say that the changes are for the better. The two different formats...

Facebook reveals changes for business pages

New changes to the usability of business pages were unveiled this week and the improvements are causing some buzz around the office. The new features now have page owners questioning the need to use third party sites for updates and giving them a sense of relief when adding administrators.

1. The ‘Super Admin’ is a new feature that allows for page owners to delegate responsibilities and set restrictions for certain administrators of the page. There are now five different levels of administrators.

Manager- this admin has full access to all of the page functions. Ideally this would be the page or business owner.
Content Creator- this admin has access to all of the page functions, except for managing other admins. This role would be a good fit for the business’ Social Media Manager.
Moderator- this role is mainly used for social media engagement such as replying to posts, comments and messages. They also have access to the analytics, but they are restricted from creating content.
Advertiser- this position is limited to managing the page’s advertisements and viewing the analytics feature.
Insights Analyst-this admin is restricted to only viewing the analytics of the business page.

Branding on social media more than a logo

All too often companies forget that branding is just as important online as it is offline. Maintaining a consistent brand image across all platforms is crucial to ensuring that a company’s brand is easily recognizable. This means using the same colors, graphic icon...

Want better SEO? Write a company blog

Blogs are one of the many platforms that both benefit from and increase search engine optimization.  The benefits of improved SEO and the ability to use a blog to establish the company as an industry leader make the work that goes into maintaining a blog a good time...

WordPress not just for blogs

Billions of users worldwide use WordPress including individuals, corporations of all sizes, and nonprofit organizations. It’s generally known as web software for blogging, but WordPress can be used for so much more, and we think the word has gotten out about...

Meet our interns: Courtney Aldridge

Name: Courtney Aldridge College: University of Arkansas Degree: Journalism with a focus in Advertising and Public Relations -- May 2013 What interests you most about your new internship?   Learning how to put all the stuff we are taught in class into real world...

Meet our interns: Erik Northfell

Name Erik Northfell   College University of Arkansas, Fulbright College   Degree Bachelor of Fine Arts, spring 2012   What interests you most about your new internship? What interests me most in the internship is probably working with a wide variety of...

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